Best Money Counter Machines

Let’s be honest.

It isn’t easy keeping a manual track of wads of cash.

In contrast, the best money counter machines make processing and counting large dollar denominations a cinch. You can just load them with indiscriminate amounts of cash – as they do sorting of $1s, $20s, $50s, and $100s – and sit back and relax as the bill counters do their job. And once they are done, the best money counters provide a grand total of the money they have just counted. So that you can focus on more important tasks.

Counts DenominationHopper Capacity 
G-Star Technology 15 pounds1,000NoUp to 120
Cassida 6600 UV Business Grade10 pounds1,400Yes400
CARNATION CR 150018.7 pounds1,100Yes500
Money Counter Elite w/Fast Count13.95 pounds1,200NoN/A
Kolibri Money Counter4.49 Kg1,000NoN/A
Carnation Cash Counter14 pounds1,000No200
Cassida C200 Coin Sorter, Counter, and Roller12 pounds300Yes2,000
CR2 Currency Counter14.5 pounds1,500No400
STEELMASTER Professional Currency Counter15.35 pounds1,200No300
Royal Sovereign RBC-450011.66 pounds1,400Yes300
11.9 pounds1,300No200
Pyle Banknote Counter14.22 pounds1,100No320
HFS Bill Money Counter12 pounds1,000No200
DOMENS Money Counter8.78 pounds1,050No300
Aibecy Multi-Currency Counter13.2 pounds1,200Yes500


G-Star Technology Money Counter – Best Bill Counter Machine

For those of you who need fast cash counting – but not at the cost of accuracy and precision – the G-Star Technology Money Counter is a powerful solution for your needs. It has some interesting abilities which make this bill counter the best in business.



First thing first, the G-Star can work for up to two hours continuously, while providing a counting speed of 1,000 bills per minute. It means that over a 2-hour period, this machine can count a mammoth 120,000 banknotes.

In case you are wondering, such fast working speed of this unit doesn’t mean that it would ignore counterfeit notes. Instead, it has a miss counterfeit bill detection rate of 1/100,000 bills. It also stops on detecting a counterfeit bill so as to not include it in the final count.

What’s more, despite working at such mammoth speed, the power consumption of the G-Star is a mere 90W when working. And when you won’t be using it, its standby mode will only draw 3W of power. Its built-in magnetic and ultraviolet sensors, meanwhile, allow it to work at less than 60 dB noise level.

Moving on, it is a back-loading machine, which means you’ve to load bills from its back in any direction. Also on offer is an easy-to-read LED display using which you can keep track of the counted bills. Then there is the self-testing ability using which this machine checks itself automatically at the start of each session.

Finally, this product comes with a reliable warranty period and an intuitive control panel, which includes the ‘’Add’’ feature using which you can add the number of current banknotes to those from the previous counts.

User Critique
For a machine which offers so many great features, the fact that the G-star only counts the number of banknotes – and NOT their denomination – takes a bit of sheen off its reputation.


  • Counts 1,000 bills per minute
  • 1/100,000 Counterfeit detection rate
  • Automatic Self-testing ability
  • Operates at less than 60 dB noise level

  • Won’t count banknotes’ monetary total

Final Verdict
Apart from counting the monetary total of the bills, the G-Star Technology Counter offers all the bells-and-whistles of a money counter. Go for it if you want an above-average produce at a below-average price.


Cassida 6600 UV Business Grade – Best High-End

Think no bill counter could count as fast as the G-Star Technology Counter? The Cassida 6600 UV Business Grade, with its 1,400 bills/min speed, forces you to think again. Its increased speed, however, comes at a pretty steep cost.



As stated earlier, the Cassida 6600 UV has a counting speed of 1,400 bills per minute, with a top-loading hopper whose large size allows it to hold up to 400 bills at once. And once it is done with the counting, the machine displays both the final count as well as the monetary total on its LCD screen. It means that unlike the G-Star, you won’t have to manually count the dollar value of all the banknotes.

Moving on, located on the right side of the LCD screen are three buttons named ‘’Add’’, ‘’Batch’’, and ‘’Add + Batch’’. All three of them are the modes on which the machine operate, with the first keeping a running tally of the bills’ count.

The “Batch” mode, meanwhile, allows you to set a custom amount to separate bills according to the desired quantity, a must-have feature if you are dealing on the till. Then comes the “Add + Batch” mode which performs the functions of both the abovementioned modes.

Impressively, the Cassida 6600 has infrared sensors which detect the presence of half, double, and chain banknotes. Once it detects the presence of such notes, the machine stops working, alerts you with a beep, and display the error type on its screen. So that you know what’s the reason for its stoppage.

Furthermore, this machine has Ultraviolet and Magnetic sensors which provide it with a counterfeit detection feature. It separates the counterfeit note on detecting it by placing it into its stacker. Then, the machine stops and waits for your command to continue working, with the counterfeit note automatically deducted from its final total.

Finally, if you think this machine is costly, another version – which only has magnetic sensors – is available for a reduced price tag. That said, if you ask us, we strongly recommend this model to avoid letting go of counterfeit notes.

User Critique
A major reason why some users might ignore the Cassida 6600 in favor of G-Star Technology Money Counter is the former’s astronomical price tag.


  • Counts 1,400 bills per minute
  • Various operating modes
  • Counterfeit note detection
  • Double, Half, and Chain banknote detection

  • Expensive

Final Verdict
Our review of the Cassida 6600 UV money counter reveals it as a trustworthy product with loads of useful features and incredible counterfeit note detection technology. Go for it if its price tag fails to deter you.


CARNATION CR 1500 – Best Counterfeit detection

Some of you might want ultimate money counting machine, with the machine’s price tag of little concern to them. To check whether it’s worth the money or not, let’s check its features.



In contrast to most other bill counters – which rely on the combo of UV and MG technologies to detect counterfeit notes – the Carnation CR1500 relies on MG, UV, IR, and Image Recognition technologies for the same. These technologies render the chances of a counterfeit note hoodwinking this machine pretty slim.

Once it detects a counterfeit note, the machine has a reject pocket where it will sort it out. It means that you won’t have to manually separate the counterfeit notes from the original ones. It also offers a counting speed of 800/900/1100 notes per minute depending on the quality of banknotes.

What’s more, in addition to relying on the abovementioned technologies, the Carnation CR1500 uses serial number recognition to catch counterfeit bills. Also, its large sized hopper has a capacity of holding 500 bills at the same time.

More importantly, it offers the features of mixed denomination counting and sorting. That means that it can count mixed bills and sort them out by denomination and/or orientation. So you won’t have to manually separate the $100 bills from $50 or from $20.

Also, if you want to keep track of its results, the machine lets you upload its counting results, as well as serial numbers, to your PC suite. And if you have a separate printer in your office, the machine could also offer a print-out of final results.

Finally, it offers both the Add as well as the Batch functions. It also has slots for an SD card as well as USB using which you can manually upgrade its software. A 2-year warranty, which also includes a dedicated technician, is also on offer.

User Critique
Users have flagged one major concern about this model: its price. For, it costs more than any other machine we have reviewed thus far.


  • UV, IMG, IR, and MG recognition functions
  • Offers serial number recognitiont
  • Counting Speed of 800/900/1100 bills
  • Comes with a two-year warranty

  • Ultra-Expensive

Final Verdict
For those of you who have very deep pockets, the Carnation CR14000 is a must-have. That is, because, it offers a plethora of note recognition features which almost nullifies the potential occurrence of counterfeiting.


Money Counter Elite w/Fast Count– Premium

The Money Counter Elite comes from Teapeutics, one of the best money counting machines’ brand. Therefore, expect it to offer a superb level of craftsmanship and quality.



Starting on a low note, all the Money Counter Elite does is count the total number of bills, which means it won’t detect the value of the currency. Obviously, that means that you won’t get a final count of the value of bills, either.

On the upside, while it won’t detect a bill’s denomination, the Money Counter Elite on a combo of Ultraviolet, Infrared and Magnetic sensors to prevent passing through of counterfeit notes. As a result, its miss counterfeit detection rate is an impressive 1/800,000 banknotes.

While operating, it works quietly and produces a noise level of less than 60 dB. It saves power via its energy saving mode and has a user-friendly, front-facing LED display. It means you can use this device even in low light conditions.

Though it works silently, the power of the machine is such that it can operate for up to 6 hours without overheating or breaking down. And in those six hours, the machine will count 1,200 bills per minute – which roughly translate to 432,000 banknotes over a six-hour period.

Finally, it offers half, broken, and chain notes checking and undergoes automatic self-checking and automatic zero-clearing every time you start this machine. Also on offer are three counting modes including automatic, preset, and add counting. Then there is the 45-day money back guarantee which you get on purchasing this device.

User Critique
Money Counter Elite only counts the total number of bills, which means it won’t detect the value of the currency.


  • Automatic Zero Clearing and Self-Checking
  • UV, IR, and MG detecting
  • Half, broken, and chain notes checking
  • 1400 notes/minute counting speed

  • Won’t detect currency’s value

Final Verdict
If you are living in the United States and want to get a solid money counter – but are willing to count the counted notes’ denomination on your own – there’s no reason why you shouldn’t go for this device.


Kolibri Money Counter – Runner-Up

Want to purchase a compact machine which has no continuous time limit and comes with a detachable power cord? You’re in luck as the Kolibri Money Counter offers all these features and some more.



Moving past its budget-friendly price tag, the Kolibri Money Counter is a compact device which measures a mere 9 by 11 inches. Add to this its meager weight of under 10 lbs, and you can store this device with room to spare.

Also, in addition to counting 1,000 bills per minute, the Kolibri Money Counter has no continuous time limit. It means you can operate it continuously throughout the day. It also offers half, double, and chain note detection features.

Furthermore, to rule out the presence of counterfeit notes, this machine comes equipped with a UV detection feature. This feature detects the paper quality to separate the legitimate bills from the counterfeit ones.

Moving ahead, this machine boasts a straight bill path which results in fewer jams and faster counting speed. Then comes the automatic error clearing function which makes money counting simple. Also, it would automatically stop on detecting a counterfeit note, only to automatically start again once you’ve removed the faulty note.

Finally, it comes equipped with an LED screen and a user-intuitive control panel which includes touch-button to activate the batch mode. This mode lets you preset a value reaching which the machine will stop further counting. A 1-year warranty – which includes both parts as well as labor – is also on offer.

User Critique
Two concerns have been highlighted by users about the performance of this machine. First, it doesn’t count mixed notes, so you’d have to manually separate different denominations. Second, it would count only the number and not the value of the bills.


  • 1-year warranty
  • Double, Half, and Chain notes detection
  • Counts 1,000 bills per minute
  • No continuous runtime limit

  • Won’t detect currency’s value
  • Won’t count mixed notes

Final Verdict
The Kolibri Money Counter machine offers great bang for the buck thanks to its impressive list of features. That said, there are other, less-costly machines in this review which outperform it in many departments.


Carnation Cash Counter – Best for Small Businesses

The Carnation Cash Counter is a lightweight and compact device with a competitive price tag and super-friendly operation. To top it all, this device doesn’t cost as much as some others in this review. That means a majority of bankers can afford it.



First things first, the Carnation Cash Counter will rid you of the problem of dealing with counterfeit notes. That is, because, it has four counterfeit detection technologies, which include Ultraviolet, Magnetic, Infrared, and Dimensional counterfeit detection functions. Every note passing through the machine has to pass all these four functions for it to be declared legitimate.

What’s more, you don’t need to install a complex software on your system to run this bill money counter. Instead, thanks to its plug-n-play feature, all you have to do to use this device is to simply connect it with your system. Add to this its crystal-clear, front-facing and backlit LCD display, and this device is a cinch to use.

Moving on, it provides two different modes while in operation, the first of which is the CNT (count) mode. The second is the ADD mode using which you can add previous calculations to the current one. What you cannot do with this device is to count your note’s denomination.

Large capacity and fast counting are the other two impressive features of this device. The first comes from its extra-large hopper which allows it to hold 500 bills in one go.

The second, meanwhile, ensures that this device can count 1000 notes per minute. Also, its utility isn’t merely limited to the US dollar – as you can use the Carnation Counter with the Canadian dollar, Mexican peso, Euro, among other currencies. Finally, this product comes with a 1-year warranty.

User Critique
As stated earlier, this mixed bill counter machine won’t count the denomination of the notes. Instead, it will merely count their number.


  • 1-year warranty
  • Counts 1,000 bills per minute
  • Four counterfeit note detection functions
  • Fast counting speed and counts multiple currencies

  • Won’t detect currency’s value

Final Verdict
The Carnation Cash Counter is an affordable bill counting machine with an easy-to-use interface and some high-end features. You can trust it for removing counterfeit notes from your daily calculations.


Cassida C200 Coin Sorter, Counter, and Roller – Best Dollar Bill Counter

If you are familiar with the nuisance of counting coins, let the Cassida C200 make your life easy. For, as its name suggests, it is a three-in-one device which sorts, counts, and rolls the coins.



Starting with its design, and you might notice five tubes marking the front end of this unit. Look closely, and you’d see that starting from the extreme right, these glass-tubes are tagged $1, 25¢, 10¢, 5¢, and 1¢. These are all the coin-denominations you can count with this machine.

More importantly, you don’t have to manually sort the coins before adding them into the counter. Just add all the coins you have into this device’s hopper, and it would automatically sort them out, before placing them into boxes which are divided on the basis of coin value.

Also, as long as your counting limit doesn’t exceed 300 coins per minute, this machine will work continuously. It has a large display showing the total value of coins kept. You can also press the “Report” button to know the coin count of each denomination.

Moving on, if your job requires rolling coins in papers, you can order the C200 to combine sorting, counting, and rolling into a single process. Insert the included coin tubes into the glass tube, and you’d get all five coin denominations neatly rolled into five layers of paper.

What’s more, in addition to letting you prepare coin layers up to your desired value, the C200 also stops and alerts you once a paper layer is full. You can also set custom batch counts for tills or making deposits. All you have to do is to press the “Set” button, and use increase/decrease buttons to adjust the coin count at your desired level.

Apart from the batching mode, two other modes – including counting and adding – are also on offer. And while this specific machine only counts US dollars, you can order separate ones for Mexican pesos or Canadian dollars.

Finally, the C200 has a hopper coin capacity of 2000 coins and its bin could hold up to 900 coins at once. And while it comes with 1-year parts and labor warranty, you can extend it to up to 3 years by paying a little extra.

User Critique
The Cassida C200 isn’t a mixed coin counter, which means it won’t count multiple currencies at the same time.


  • Sorts, Counts, and Rolls coins
  • Three counting modes
  • Wraps the counted coins into paper tubes
  • Easy to use

  • Won’t count multiple currencies simultaneously

Final Verdict
The Cassida C200 Coin Sorter, Counter, and Roller is certainly the best coin counter currently on the market. Go for it if you want to make your life easy.


CR2 Currency Counter – Best for Big Businesses

Want to get your hands on a high-end currency counter? Afford to pay a little over-the-odds for its features? If your answer to both these questions is in the affirmative, the CR2 deserves your attention.



Uniquely for a cash counter, the CR2 provides three variable cash counting speeds. For instance, if you’re having a slow day – and can afford to relax – you can set its speed at 800 banknotes per minute. Conversely, if you’re dealing with a crowd of customers, you can ramp-up the CR2’s speed all the way up to 1500 banknotes per minute.

Think variable speed is the only unique feature of this model? Think again, as it provides support for multiple currencies. Yes, that’s right, whether you’re dealing with Dollars, Euros, Pesos, or any other currency, this device will accept all.

To keep counterfeit notes at bay, the CR2 relies on a combo of IR, UV, and magnetic detection technologies. Complementing them is its very own counterfeit software which is consistently updated to detect new counterfeit patterns.

What’s more, while you can use this counter separately as well, it can also work as part of a bank system. It means you could connect it to your bank’s server so that it uploads the final results directly to the system.

Finally, apart from having a hopper capacity of 400 bills, this device can count up to 1500 bills per minute. Its control panel, which is available in both touch-screen and regular models, is supplemented with a digital LED display. And you’d also get a 1-year warranty on purchasing this device.

User Critique
The one feature which this device won’t provide is the sorting function. It means that it won’t count the bill denominations.


  • Three variable Speeds
  • Supports multiple currencies
  • Provides counterfeit detection
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty

  • No sorting function

Final Verdict
Our review of the CR2 Currency Counter places it in the category of reliable and efficiency cash counters. Still, since it doesn’t provide the sorting function, this device leaves something to be desired.


STEELMASTER Professional Currency Counter – Best Budget

Since it doesn’t come from as famous a brand as Carnation or Cassida, the Professional Currency Counter is available in a highly competitive price.



The Steelmaster is a rear-loading currency counter with both its hopper and stacker supporting up to 300 new bills. That means that provided you’re dealing with old bills – which are normally worn-out – the capacity will be less.

Impressively, the Steelmaster has infrared sensors which detect the presence of half, double, and chain banknotes. Once it detects the presence of such notes, the machine stops working, alerts you with a beep, and display the error type on its screen.

What’s more, despite providing a counting speed of 1200 bills per minute, the Steel Master consumes meager power. It also has an easy-to-read, front-facing LED screen which provides four modes, including count, add, batch, and add + batch.

Moving ahead, this machine boasts a straight bill path which results in fewer jams and faster counting speed. Also, it would automatically stop on detecting a counterfeit note, only to automatically start again once you’ve removed the faulty note.

Finally, belying its relatively inexpensive price tag, this model comes with a value function. That means that it would count both the number as well as the value of the banknotes.

User Critique
As is the case with most rear-loading cash counters, the banknote capacity of the hopper of the Steelmaster is less than most other devices in this review.


  • Counts 1200 bills per minute
  • Four counting modes
  • Counterfeit detection functions
  • Counts value of notes

  • Small hopper capacity

Final Verdict
Though relatively new in the market – which is the major reason why it is so scarcely reviewed, the Steelmaster Professional Currency Counter provides most of the functions which you expect from high-end devices.


Royal Sovereign RBC-4500 – Money Saver

Apart from coming at a budget-friendly price, the Royal Sovereign Money Counting Machine has one of the highest counterfeit catch rates of any device in this review. That means it would save your money in two ways.



Solving the question you may have in your mind, the RBC-4500 catches counterfeit notes because of its 2-phase security detection. The first phase comprises of Ultraviolet security thread detection and magnetic ink verification.

The second, meanwhile, relies on the half note, chain note, and dimensional validation. And both these phases combine to give the RBC-4500 an envious counterfeit banknote catch rate. Equally impressive is the device’s hopper which can hold up to 300 bills at once.

Then comes its variable speed feature using which you can order the device to count note at three different speeds. The fastest of these speed ensures that the device counts 1,400 notes per minute, with the slowest at 900 notes/minute.

More importantly, the RBC-4500 boasts a unique value counting system. For, in addition to merely counting the notes, it also provides the option to count their denomination. You can also order it to count total value of the notes by denomination, and it also provides a grand total.

Guaranteeing the utility of this device is its UL certification, which comes from the most respected certification awarding body in all of Europe. Probably, that is why it can count notes for 48 hours continuously and comes with a 1-year warranty.

User Critique
Some users have reported that they experienced note-jamming problems with this device.


  • UL-certified
  • Variable counting speeds
  • Counts denomination of notes as well
  • Heavy duty; supports 48 hours of consistent money counting

  • Some users have reported note jamming problems

Final Verdict
Of all the cash counters in this review, the Royal Sovereign RBC-4500 offers the best protection against counterfeit notes. Still, as our review suggests, this device is much more than a counterfeit-detecting device.


Cassida 5520UV– Runner Up For US Currency

To reduce the amount of time you might spend counting the cash, the Cassida 5520UV navigates its way through wads of cash at a rate of 1,300 bills per minute. That means you can trust on this device if you’ve need for speed.



The Cassida 5520UV machine is much more than a speedy cash counter, as it also checks counterfeit notes. It has a built-in UV technology which makes sure the final note count is devoid of any counterfeit bills. Also on offer are infrared sensors which detect double, half, and chain notes before separating them from the legitimate ones.

What’s more, this money counter has self-lubricating bearings to take care of the note jamming problem. By keeping the machine in good shape, they make sure it remains running most of the time. A self-diagnostic system is also provided using which this device automatically traces errors.

More importantly, and as suggested by the large VAL button on its control panel, the 5520UV counts both the number as well as the value of the bills. It has a preset batch mode using which you can order the device to prepare wads of up to a specific amount.

Also on offer are three other operating modes including count, add, and add + batch modes. This device is also a front-loader which makes it easy to operate than rear-loading devices. You also get 1-year parts and labor warranty with this model.

User Critique
Despite costing considerably, the Cassida 5520UV shows no support for any other currency besides the US dollar.


  • Counts 1,300 bills per minute
  • Various operating modes
  • UV and Infrared sensors

  • Doesn’t support multiple currencies

Final Verdict
While it doesn’t support multiple currencies, the Cassida 5520UV Bill Counter offers great bang for the buck. You might want to choose it if your job doesn’t involve multiple currencies.


Pyle Banknote Counter – Stain Resistant

If all you’re looking for is an accurate and hassle-free bill counting device, the Pyle PRMC500 offers a nice package. With a solid feature set and practical design, this device got its spot on this review.



Belying its competitive price tag – and putting bill counters like the Cassida 5520UV to shame – the Pyle PRMC500 works with most of the major currencies beside US dollars. It means it can count Canadian dollars, British Pounds, and Euro for you.

To check the authenticity of banknotes, the Pyle PRMC500 makes full use of its integrated counterfeit detection mechanism. It has the common ultraviolet and magnetic sensors besides the high-end infrared and magnetic thread detection. You’ll also hear a beeping alarm when it captures a suspecting note.

Equally useful is the Batch and Add functions that it provides. While the first one offers to process banknotes in designated amounts, the latter allows you to keep a continuous count of the added bills. It’s also worth noting that this machine works with notes whether they are ripped, bent, or wrinkled.

Its top-loading, front-facing hopper is adjustable so that you can fit the bills easily. The LCD display contains various buttons and its control panel has an exterior detachable LCD screen. You can get the machine to count as much as up to 1,500 bills per minute.

User Critique
Despite all the good features of this model – and it has plenty of them – the fact that it doesn’t provide the sorting function leaves something to be desired.


  • Counts 1,500 bills per minute
  • Supports US, Canadian, British, and Euro currencies
  • Four counterfeit detection function
  • Stain-resistant housing

  • Doesn’t have Sorting function

Final Verdict
The Pyle PRMC500 Banknote counter was built with sturdiness in mind, though it has other useful features besides that as well. And once you take into account all of them, it’s definitely worth a place on your consideration list.


HFS Bill Money Counter– Best Value

The HFS Bill Money Counter is a worldwide cash counting machine which offers great bang for the buck and has a ridiculously low price tag for the services it offers. Check out its features to know more.



Beginning with its best feature, the HFS Bill Money Counter shows a remarkable affinity for various world currencies, including US dollars. It provides a counting speed of up to 900 bills per minute. Granted, it isn’t the most impressive of speed, but compare it with the machine’s price tag and you’ll come around.

Apart from showing the count of bills – as this machine doesn’t count denomination – the large LED display displays three counterfeit detection features of this device. They include ultraviolet, magnetic 1, and magnetic 2.

Also provided on the control panel are two buttons for add and batch modes. While the first allows you to keep a continuous count of the added bills, the latter offers to process banknotes in designated amounts.

Moving on, this machine has a self-diagnostic option every time you start it up. This function makes sure the machine is in full working condition to assure it runs seamlessly. It also has an external display monitor for customers.

Lastly, supplementing the counterfeit detection mechanism of its unit are its half and double-note detection mechanism. Whenever it comes across counterfeit notes, the HFS Bill Money Counter would start beeping. It also has a dedicated alarm button on the control panel which would start blinking at the same time.

User Critique
Since this money counter doesn’t sort out bills according to their denomination, you’d have to manually separate bills into various denominations before inserting them into the counter.


  • Ridiculously inexpensive
  • Effective counterfeit detection functions
  • External display monitor for customers
  • Self-diagnosing startup operation

  • Won’t count denominations

Final Verdict
If you can take up the hassle of manually sorting out cash bills according to their denomination, the dirt-low price tag of the HFS Bill Money Counter offers you plenty of reasons to go for it.


DOMENS Money Counter – Inexpensive

The DOMENS money counter is a bare-bones device which gets the job done and demands a low price for its services. Still, judging by its polished exterior alone, nobody could guess the inexpensive price tag of this model.



Starting with its design, this money counter has a compact shape and 13pcs rubber wheel. All of its sensors are either covered or coated with a film, with the result that they are a cinch to clean and pose few note jamming problems.

At the price at which it is available, you’d have understood even if this machine was simply a bill counter. However, to take its game to a whole new level, it offers multi anti-counterfeit functions. They include ultraviolet, infrared, magnetic functions, among others.

Guess what, it doesn’t stop there in its bid to prevent counterfeiting. Instead, this device also provides support to detect double, half, and chain notes. Then there is the color changing LCD display which displays red color if/when something is amiss.

You also get both the Add as well as Batch modes with this unit. You can rely on the former to add bills from the previous counts to the current one. As for the latter, it lets you prepare cash wads of designated amounts. And like all the best money counter machines, the DOMENS comes with a 1-year warranty.

User Critique
Users have voiced concerns that the small hopper capacity of this machine renders it nearly ineffective for big business use.


  • Has less frequent jams
  • Multiple anti-counterfeit functions
  • One-year warranty and LCD display
  • Excellent customer service

  • Won’t sort bills
  • Small hopper capacity

Final Verdict
Though they say you get what you pay for, the DOMENS Bill Counter suggests that you sometimes get more than what you pay for. Those of you who run small businesses or shops might find this device extremely useful.


Aibecy Multi-Currency Counter– Versatile

As suggested by its very name, the Aibecy is a multiple currency counter device. But, you may ask, what exactly is the number of currencies that it could count? Check its features to know the answer.



Answering the question, the Aibecy Multi-Currency Counter can count currencies of more than 30 countries. That feature, alone, makes it worth-having for money exchanges or any other business with ventures in various countries.

That said, this device is much more than a counter, as it provides accurate readings thanks to its ultraviolet, magnetic, and infrared sensors. Supplementing them is the contact image sensor which uses 3D detection to capture counterfeiting.

What’s more, you don’t need to manually sort the bills according to their denomination before adding them into the Aibecy. For, it has a mix-counting function which will do the same automatically. Also on offer are both the ADD as well as BATCH modes.

If that wasn’t enough, this currency counter provides three variable speeds, including 800, 1000, and 1200 notes per minutes. Its hopper has a capacity of up to 500 notes whereas the stack can hold as much as 300 notes at one time.

User Critique
Can you afford to pay over the odds for this device? For, if that’s not the case, you might not afford the astronomical price tag of this unit.


  • Counts number and value of notes
  • Supports more than 30 currencies
  • Three counting speeds
  • Multiple anti-counterfeit functions

  • Ultra-expensive

Final Verdict
As stated earlier, the Aibecy Money Counter is one of the most expensive devices of this review. However, provided you can afford to pay its asking price, this machine won’t leave you wanting.


Types of Money Counter Machines
Venture into the market and you’d see three types of money counter machines on sale. We’re going to discuss all three briefly so that you know which one you may need for your business.

Bill Counter MachinesCoin Counter MachinesBill Counter + Sorting Machines

As the name suggests, the bill counter machines only ‘’count’’ the bill. That is, after stacking the wad of cash into their front-arm, these machines will require you to specify the dollar denomination, which you can do by pressing buttons. Only then it will pass the bills through its microprocessor scanner to count them.

The coin counter machines accept a wide range of coins and then separate them into different denominations based on the coin size. For instance, if you’re going to use American currency, you might find a coin counter with holes in ascending order: dime, penny, nickel and quarter. Some of the best coin counter machines also offer sorting functionality.
If you only want the best money counting machine, go for the one which both counts the notes as well as sort them out. That is, even if you have filled them with mixed dollar denominations, their built-in technology would sort out and count the notes on its own. So you won’t have to tell the machine about the dollar denominations.


Best Money Counting Machines – Buying Guide

Apart from sorting cash and counting it out, the best money counting machines offer numerous other functions to increase their utility. That said, while these features increase their usefulness, they also make the cash counters more expensive.

Feeding Mechanism

How do the bills load into the counter’s hopper will be determined by its feeding mechanism, of which front-feeding and back-feeding styles are the most common. The front-feeding mechanism is more user-friendly and doesn’t require you to organize your bills before you stack them into the machine. However, what they do require from you is to place the bills flat on the hopper.

As for the back-feed hoppers, ­­they require you to neat the bills before loading them into the machine. Also, cash counters with back-feed hoppers have lower capacity than their front-feed counterparts. On the plus side, they are more accurate.

Holding Capacity & Count Speed

How much capacity is enough for a money sorting machine? Luckily, we have an answer: 200. It means that a machine offering a capacity of 200 can sort and count the same number of banknotes at once. As a result, you’d be able to operate your machine more efficiently.

Count speed refers to the number of bills a particular machine can count per minute, with the best machines counting as much as 1,900 bills per minute. Some machines also offer variable speed to let you accommodate bill condition and quality, as poor-quality bills require more effort on the part of the machine.

Counterfeit Bills Detection

Gone are the days when bankers had magnifying glasses to check the veracity of bank notes. Nowadays, the best money counters do this job for them. Such machines rely on magnetic and infrared detection technologies to alert you whenever they detect the presence of a counterfeit note.

Apart from separating counterfeit bills, the best money counters also tell you in advance their miss counterfeit bill detection rate. One of those cash counters is the G-Star Technology Money Counter which has a miss counterfeit detection rate of 1/100,000. It means only 1 counterfeit note per 100,000 could hoodwink it.

Counting Options

You get three types of counting options from various money counters: Value, Batch, and Add. The Value count option tells you the total number of bills as well as their value. The batching option, meanwhile, lets you select the batch size of the cash before you load it into the machine. For instance, if you want the machine to count a $20 bill batch, you’ll input the $20 amount before it starts counting.

The last option, which is that of adding, is the most convenient. It allows you to add the current bill count to that of the previous ones. Also, it lets you adjust the machine so that it keeps on counting until a certain value of the denomination is met.

Self-testing and Bill Thickness Adjustment

Nothing is more frustrating than starting a bill counter, only to find that it is displaying an error. Taking care of this scenario is the self-testing feature using which a machine automatically tests it whenever you start it. So the chances of the machine breaking midway would be slim.

As for the bill thickness adjustment feature, every banker should want their machine to have it. For, most customers come with old, worn-out notes, which give the cash counters a hard time. However, if your money counter has the thickness adjustment feature, it will allow you to adjust its tension based on the thickness of the worn-out and/or damaged paper.

Intuitive Control Panel

All of the abovementioned features will go in vain if your machine doesn’t have an intuitive control panel. That is, the control panel should offer an LCD display with easy-to-read digits. Also, regardless of whether it relies on touchscreen or buttons to take input, both these features should be easy to navigate through.

Also, the control panel should have dedicated buttons/menus for every feature that it may offer. For instance, if it offers fake note detection, variable counting speed, and bill thickness adjustment feature, you should be able to access all these features with a simple press of a button/menu. You shouldn’t have to go through a complex path every time just to activate these features.


Optional Features
Until now, we were only discussing those features which have a direct impact on the performance of a machine. From here on, we’d discuss some ‘’bells-and-whistles’’ features.

Error DetectionDouble and Half-Note DetectionInternational Currency Detection

Even the best bill counters can sometimes display an error code due to a sensor malfunction, double bill count errors, bill feeding malfunctions, and so forth. Machines with an error detection system let you know what the error code means so that you can solve it with ease.

For instance, each of the possible error code – along with their meaning – would be given either in the user-guide of the machine or on the machine’s screen itself, so that you’ve zero trouble while troubleshooting the unit.

The double and half-note detection perform exactly as their name suggests. While the former will alert you when you’ve run a double note through the device, the latter will come into action whenever a damaged or torn banknote is run through the machine.

If you operate a multi-national business, you have no choice but to purchase a counter which can detect foreign currencies. That said since only a small minority of bill counters offer this feature, those who are priced astronomically.


Just like any other machine you may buy, money counters are susceptible to breaking down. Before you buy one, make sure it offers a good warranty period – that of at least one year. Remember that only the top brands offer warranties on their devices.


Final Verdict
Sometimes, you have to spend money to make your life easy. The best money counter machines are for those times. Whether you work in a bank, operate a till or run a small business, these bill counters would make your life easy.

They take away from your life the hassle of manually counting cash, freeing up time which you’d have otherwise spent sitting on your desk going through wads of cash. So that you can spend that time in something more productive and certainly more interesting than counting cash.

Therefore, if you want to make your work life easy, the best money counter machines are all you need right now.